house1 [ haus ] (plural houses [ `hauzəz ] ) noun ***
▸ 1 building for living in
▸ 2 company/organization
▸ 3 restaurant/hotel etc.
▸ 4 area for audience
▸ 5 type of music
▸ 6 used in building names
▸ 7 old important family
1. ) count a building for living in, usually where only one family lives:
I'd love a house with a big back yard.
a two-/three-bedroom house
a ) singular the people who are in a house or who live there: HOUSEHOLD:
The noise woke the entire house.
2. ) count a company or organization involved in a particular activity:
a reputable auction house
a ) used in the names of some companies, especially those that design and sell clothes
b ) only before noun produced or intended for people working within an organization:
house rules
c ) in house in the offices of a company:
We don't have that kind of software in house.
3. ) the house a restaurant, hotel, bar, or club:
Seafood is the specialty of the house.
a ) on the house given to you free in a restaurant, hotel, bar, or club:
Your first drink is on the house.
b ) house wine/red/white the least expensive wine in a restaurant, which appears on the wine list without the maker's name
4. ) count the part of a theater, CONCERT HALL, etc. that contains the audience:
a packed/empty house: A packed house in the NFL can exceed 60,000 fans.
a ) the audience in a theater, CONCERT HALL, etc.
5. ) uncount a type of modern electronic music that developed in the 1980s, replacing DISCO as the most popular form of DANCE MUSIC. It combines deep BASS sounds with parts that are sung or played on a SYNTHESIZER.
6. ) House singular used in the names of buildings, especially large ones containing many offices or apartments:
Claridge House
7. ) count an old important family, especially a royal one:
the House of Windsor/Hanover/Hapsburg
bring the house down
to make a group of people or an audience react in a very enthusiastic way, especially by laughing
a house built on sand
an idea or plan that is not very sensible and is likely to fail
get along like a house on fire
to become good friends very quickly and have a lot to talk to each other about
go all round the houses BRITISH SPOKEN
1. ) to go somewhere by a way that is very long and not direct
2. ) to say or do something in a very complicated way when it could be very simple
keep house (for someone)
to be responsible for cooking meals and cleaning a house for someone
put/set/get your house in order OLD-FASHIONED
to improve the way you behave or do things, especially before criticizing how other people behave or do things
house 2 [ hauz ] verb transitive often passive ***
1. ) to give someone a place to live:
A large number of families are still waiting to be housed.
2. ) to contain or provide a place for something:
These buildings house hazardous materials.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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